What is the way to cast the anchor

Ship anchoring is a common method of berthing. The process is roughly as follows: anchors connected by anchor chains or cables on the ship are thrown into the water and landed on the ground, and they are bitten into the soil. The grip generated by the anchor is consolidated with the bottom of the water and the ship is firmly tied to the predetermined position Different water areas, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, and the method of casting anchors are different. Commonly used methods include first anchoring, tail anchoring and head and tail anchoring.
1. Anchor bow
There are two types of anchors at the bow: single anchor and double anchor. Under normal circumstances, only a single anchor can be used to secure the ship. Only when the wind and waves are particularly large and the anchorage is large and narrow, the double anchor can be cast. When the bow is anchored, the hull is subject to the least external forces such as wind force, water flow and wave impact, so this method is the main method of anchoring and anchoring, and the main reason for the main anchor to be placed on the bow. Generally, only one bow anchor is provided on very small ships and fishing boats. In addition, any ship has two main anchors at the bow. When the ship is up to a certain degree, a spare main anchor, also called a wind-resistant anchor, should be set up on the ship.
2. Anchor aft
The stern anchorage is mostly used for inland river vessels and landing craft. When an inland river boat is moored downstream, it is often used to stern anchorage to ensure safety and avoid turning around. During the landing operation of the landing ship, with the cooperation of the host, relying on the pulling force of the windlass, the ship resting on the beach was pulled down to the beach head.
3. Break down head to tail

If you want to make the moored ships always use the side of the ship, when facing the wind direction, the anchoring method is adopted. The method of anchoring the head and tail is generally to throw the main anchor from the direction of the top wind, connect a cable from the stern around the outer side of the ship, and connect the main anchor chain that has been thrown, and then release some main anchor chains. Another method Yes, after the first main anchor is thrown, the tail anchor is thrown from the tail. The stern anchor is usually transported out by a small boat, and the stern anchor is generally smaller than the main anchor, about 1/3 of the main anchor.